Friday, July 27, 2012


This is a puzzling cartoon. So I slept on it for about a week before I discovered the moral. I thought initially that the lady in question had replied to the comment the gentleman did on the blog, but she hadn’t, so I threw away the idea that they had had some “talk” or communication in another form, so why was she complaining?

Now I know she has a right to complain. Her man was married to his computers like so many men are to their cars and material possessions.

I used to have a friend whom I confessed my love to. That was years ago, about a decade. She refused and said I was married to my work. I thought about it for a long time. I really didn’t understand what she meant because I was doing everything to please her. That is the dilemma our gentleman in the cartoon is in.

It was years later, when I began to reflect on my loneliness and on life in general (I started personal diaries for that, you know), that I realized I was so tied to personal success and to work at the cost of my health and friends. I paid dearly for it. Now I do not anymore.

Before I undertake anything, I consider God, family and friends paramount before position and success. I do not take things for granted anymore. I think I gained a lot in understanding humans and human relationships, that is, I gained spiritually, but have not gained materially like I was used to. So I decided to choose between value and priority. I choose priority. I choose the important things in life. I choose to live a satisfied, contented life with God and family values in mind rather than possessions and trampling on people’s feelings.

I have become better for it. I have grown wiser and somewhat aged; in my opinion. I have not made money from this decision but I have gained a lot in health and happiness.

That is what the gentleman in the cartoon will have to realize himself.

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