Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It’s not every day that a beautiful lady passes through my newsfeed street. I see them often.Remember the lady with the t-shirt with a Hermes signature on it? Today’s lady has a smile that is captivating. But unfortunately, the photo that she came with had so much noise, or what some will call dust speckles.

The original photo posted on Facebook.
I decided to work on her. I worked on removing the speckles, especially on the blue channels. After about an hour’s work, this is what I arrived at.

After work on the noisy photo. First pass.
Then I worked further on sharpening the image although I thought it would be at the cost of losing some details. I had to place a limit on how much sharpening I should achieve. You should know that I have one limitation: the camera that was used for taking the photo. So, I had to realize that if the camera was in my hands, then all the fault will be mine for not achieving a perfect lady like the Mona Lisa. I achieved the best I can.

The last pass.
So, make your choice. What do you think about how the noise was removed? If she was doing a catwalk, then you’d realize how distracting the noise was.